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The map below is a series of maps detailing the area the EGC serves. To view and compare the different maps, use the legend in the top left corner. To learn more about what the different maps represent, read the descriptions below.

The Boundary: This is a map of the entire area the EGC serves.
Census Tracts: These are the US census tracts that the EGC Boundary encompasses. Much of the research and projects we develop is based off data derived from these specific areas.
NAP Target Area: This is the target zone for our home improvement project funded through tax-credits via a donation from Northwest Savings Bank. This area will also serve as our target zone for upcoming projects, but our goal remains to improve the entire area the EGC serves.
Officially Listed Blighted Properties: These are properties the Erie Redevelopment Authority has officially declared as blighted. For a list of all blighted properties in Erie and properties for sale through the ERA click here.
Businesses: These are prominent businesses located within the boundary of the EGC. If you are a business owner or know of a business and would like it to be included in this map, please contact us.
Blight: These are properties that the neighborhood has brought up as blight concerns, but they are not officially listed.
Burton-Diehl Neighborhood: This is the boundary of the Burton-Diehl Neighborhood Watch. If you are interested in joining, contact Carla Ihli at:
ERA Adopt-A-Lot: These are vacant lots available from the Erie Redevelopment Authority for anyone interested in maintaining them. It is free to adopt a lot and they can be used for gardening, a small park, picnic tables, etc. For a list of all Adopt-A-Lot Properties or to apply to adopt one of the lots click here.
Forum Attendees: This is a map of where attendees of our Monthly Community Meetings reside, or the location of the non-profit, business, or service provider meeting attendees represent.
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