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Planning Process

The planning process began in February 2018 with members of the EGC Core Team acting as the Strategic Plan Advisory Group.  A variety of activities were pursued to ensure widespread neighborhood engagement, transparency and appropriate plan vetting.  These actives included:

  • Synthesizing existing neighborhood data, community profile information and resident feedback

  • Conducting brief stakeholder interviews with elected officials, funders, government services, small business leaders and neighborhood nonprofits

  • Hosting several facilitated- resident meetings during the planning process March-April 2018

  • Organizing existing neighborhood needs assessments and housing inventories

  • Documenting each step through the planning process

  • Thorough vetting of a Draft Plan

  • Publication of a final strategic plan in May 2018


The resident meetings were facilitated by Tania Bogatova, PhD and Joyce Miller, PhD of Keystone Research Corporation. Tania also provided statistical analysis of neighborhood surveys which helped inform the plan. Amy Cuzzola-Kern, PhD joined the Eastside Grassroots Coalition as a consultant to construct the plan in January of 2018. Taking in all the collected data, resident feedback, and input from stakeholders she developed the final plan you can view below.


The plan was presented to the community for comments at each stage in the process, and the final version was presented and approved at the Eastside Grassroots Coalition monthly community meeting on May 10th, 2018. This plan will guide the EGC in its neighborhood revitalization activities for the next three-five years and will be used to prioritize action items as well as assist in soliciting public and private financial support for planned activities. 

The Plan

To read the Strategic Plan in its entirety and learn more about the goals and action steps the Eastside Grassroots Coalition plans to take over the next five years, click on the link above. Included in the plan is detailed neighborhood statistics and analysis of neighborhood surveys, as well as in depth strategies for accomplishing the EGC's goals.
You can also view the first plan, our Report and Action Plan, published in May 2017 HERE. This plan summarizes the first six months of the EGC, including meeting notes, neighborhood statistics, business information, and possible project ideas. It was the first step towards creating the comprehensive Strategic Plan seen above.
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