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Our Vision

Our neighborhood is a diverse and prospersous community with engaged residents, community-based organizations and businesses where investments are made to improve employment and educational opportunities and youth are mentored, valued, and rewarded for meaningful hard work.

Our Goals

The following are the goals of the Eastside Grassroots Coalition for the next five years as determined by the residents the organization serves. Using these goals we devise projects and funding opportunities that will create positive change in each category. Our Strategic Plan informs best practices and action steps to ensure each goal can and will be successfully accomplished by the year 2021. To see which projects we've already completed and are working on now, click here.
  • Improve the Neighborhood
  • Promote Employment, ​​Economic Development, & Education
  • Foster Youth Development
  • Assume Effective Governance
  • Improve Health of Community
  • Attract Public and Private Investment

Who We Serve

The boundaries of the neighborhood the EGC serves encompasses the Buffalo Road Corridor with 12th Street as the northern border, Franklin Avenue, Bird Drive, and Groveland Avenue as the eastern borders, and the Bayfront Connector as the border to the west and south. The area encompasses two distinct census tracts which can be viewed on our maps.

Our neighborhood is unique in Erie as it serves a large population of New American refugees and immigrants from countries such as Bhutan/Nepal, Liberia, Somalia, Tanzania, South Sudan, Congo, and Nigeria. Due to the diversity within our borders, the EGC ensures culturally responsible practices are used in every aspect of its daily work.

Neighborhood Snapshot:

  • Number of Residents:

  • Number of Households:

  • Poverty Rate:

  • Population Under 18:

  • Pop. Under 18 in Poverty:

  • Homeownership Rates:

  • Average Home Sale:

  • Minority Population:

  • Unemployment Rate:

  • Minority Unemployment Rate:

  • Average Household Income:







$59, 535




$30, 679

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