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Be sure to check this page regularly as we make special announcements and updates about our projects and other related news! If you have any questions or would like more information about anything you see here please contact us!

Jan 2020


The Eastside Grassroots Coalition is excited to announce that we have received a NAP/SPP Tax Credit Grant for 2020.


The Sisters of Mercy, House of Mercy  has received $80,000!  Sponsors include UPMC Health Plan, Erie Insurance, and Reddog Industries.


Of the $80,000, we are dedicating $50,000 to complete additional home facade improvements in 2020! We are also expanding our home improvement program to include more applicants. Please see the application for all details on who qualifies and what the match will be!  See the application for timeline.



Please call Sr. Michele Schroeck at 814-898-0167 with any questions about the application or program itself.


July 2018


We have extended the deadline to submit an application to receive assistance in completing outer home repairs to August 15, 2018!

The micro grants will be awarded to homeowners at a maximum of $5,000 per home. Applicants must meet certain requirements including income limits, ability to pay a 10% match of funds received, and be up to date on their taxes. All the requirements are detailed in the application itself, which you can find here.

If you have any questions on filling out the application, please do not hesitate to contact us and ensure your application is submitted on time!

This round of home improvement grants is made possible by a generous grant from the Erie County Gaming Revenue Association in the amount of $25,000.

July 2018


The Eastside Grassroots Coalition held a public unveiling of our Strategic Plan on July 12, 2018 at the Nonprofit Partnership in Erie, PA. Several business leaders, community organizations, and government officials were in attendance to learn about who we are and the goals we have laid out in our Strategic Plan. 

We also discussed opportunities to invest with the EGC, and what the benefits would be in doing so both for the community and the investors themselves. We are very excited about these opportunities and look forward to building relationships with local businesses that help lift up all members of our community.

You can check out an article on the unveiling here, and if you know someone interested in investing in the Eastside Grassroots Coalition, or are a business leader and want to further discuss opportunities, please contact us!

July 2018


The EGC is in the process of developing action teams to address specific goals within our Strategic Plan. These action teams will be responsible for overseeing project completion for each goal. The action teams we are currently putting together are: Home Improvements , Economic Development, and Youth Development.

Anyone interested in being a part of an action team is welcome to join. They will include business and community partners and government officials, all of which will have knowledge and resources to complete each goal. The teams will also include residents in the area who can lend their expertise, as well as feedback so each project is carried out in a culturally responsive and respective way, focusing on resident priorities. These teams will meet at least once per month to ensure our progress towards achieving our goals stays on track, and may meet more frequently as needed. 

If you or anyone you know is interested in joining one of these action teams, please contact us today!

June 2018



The Eastside Grassroots Coalition was recently featured in an Erie Times News article! Check out the article below and read how we're keeping the momentum going in our East Erie neighborhood!

'Taking Action' of Erie's east side

June 2018


The Eastside Grassroots Coalition is excited to announce that we have been awarded an additional $25,000 from the Erie County Gaming Revenue Association Renaissance Block Grant Program to expand our already underway home improvement project! 

These funds will allow us to award a minimum of 5 additional homeowners a maximum of $5,000 to complete outer home repairs such as roof repairs, new siding, new windows, and even porch repairs!

We have reopened the application process for anyone who is interested in assistance with home repairs! The application will be due no later than August 15th, 2018 to be considered for this round of micro grants. You can find a copy of the application here.

All requirements are detailed on the application itself, if you have any questions please contact us immediately to ensure your application is submitted on time!

We look forward to making a difference in even more people's lives with this project and can't wait to see the results! Thank you to the Erie County Gaming Revenue Association for making this possible!

April 2018


We would first like to say thank you to everyone who applied to receive assistance with outer home repairs through our home improvement project sponsored by Neighborhood Assistance Program, Special Priorities Program tax-credits funded by Northwest Savings Bank in the amount of $25,000!

After careful review of all applications received, our selection committee is pleased to announce the first round of homeowners chosen to receive money to repair outer parts of their homes:

Joan Frew

Thaddeus Fryczynski

M. Victor Kisiel

Doug Marlowe

James McNeil

Gerard Pietrsiewicz

We look forward to working with you in ensuring your homes get all the necessary repairs they need. To everyone who applied but was not awarded assistance in this selection round, we will be holding on to your applications for future project expansions. The Eastside Grassroots Coalition can also provide you with resources to find assistance elsewhere if you are interested. If you have any questions about the project or how to be considered in the future, please contact us.

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