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Twice a year, the Eastside Grassroots Coalition recognizes members of the community that have gone above and beyond to create positive change in our neighborhood. We decided it is important to highlight not only a resident within our community, but also a rising youth leader, and a local business working towards our cause. Keep reading to learn more about each of these exemplary people and businesses helping our community thrive today.

Youth Spotlight


For our 2nd youth spotlight, we have chosen one of our youth members who is most active with the Eastside Grassroots Coalition, Jafari. 


Jafari attends every meeting of the EGC, and helps out at every meeting. He will set up chairs and pass out documents at the beginning, and stays after to clean up and organize our meeting space. In addition, he activiely participates in the meetings, sharing his own experiences or giving feedback on certain projects. This past fall he participated in a focus group about lighting and sidewalks, lending invaluable information to the study.


It is undeniable that Jafari is an exceptional youth leader, and we have no doubt he will go far pursuing his interests in either the medical or national intelligence fields. We thank him for his continuous dedication to the EGC and everything we do.

Business Spotlight

Custom Engineering

For our 2nd BusinessSpotlight, the Eastside Grassroots Coalition would like to recognize Custom Engineering, a local metalworking and manufacturing company.


Custom Engineering first became involved with the EGC in May of 2018 when Dave Tullio, President of Custom Engineering, agreed to become an Advisory Board Member. Shortly after joining our Advisory Board, Custom Engineering generously agreed to donate $5000 in NAP/SPP Tax Credits to go towards our home improvement, blight mitigation, and vacant lot beautification projects. This contribution is helping make a positive impact within the community they are located in.


In the Fall of 2018, Custom Engineering also chose the EGC to be the recipient of their winnings from Erie Insurance's Annual Charity Golf Challenge. We received over $2000 which has been used to fund our meetings and mailings. We are very grateful to Custom Engineering for their generosity and involvement in our organization. We are looking forward to the future this partnership will hold for both the EGC and the neighborhood we serve.



Linda Stephens

Our 2nd Resident Spotlight is Linda Stephens. Linda has been involved with the Eastside Grassroots Coalition since its founding in 2016.


She has never missed a community meeting, and on one exceptionally blizzardy evening, was the only resident who was determined to not miss the meeting. Not only does Linda attend every meeting, but she is also actively involved in everything we do. She has participated in focus groups and gives vital feedback and information about the community to support our goals. Additionally, she has volunteered to lead college students on a neighborhood clean up and is always looking for more ways to get involved.


As a member of our former Core Team, Linda's contributions to the EGC  are boundless and we are beyond thankful to have her in our corner. We can't wait to see how else she will help us succeed as we move forward with new and exciting projects.

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